LASKI in Techagro 2024 7.-11.April

The international agricultural machinery trade fair Techagro & Silva Regina 2024 was once again held in Brno, Czech Republic, on April 7-11. Already traditionally LASKI technology is out there: wood chippers, stump grinders, routers, branch breakers, etc. 

The team of Aiatäht OÜ again visited the LASKI factory of its cooperation partners, reviewed the entire range of technology and discussed further plans and innovation in the field of technology. It is a great pleasure to announce that LASKI received the Grand Prix award at the Silva Regina fair - the innovative fully electric mobile wood chipper LS 160 model, which also received an award from Energy 21 magazine. This wood chipper is an already developed solution, which is actually a product for sale, and the given all-electric models are already in operation in several countries around the world. Aiatäht OÜ introduced all-electric LASKI powerful battery products already in production, wood chipper LS 160, branch crusher, LS 95 A, and in addition, Maamess 2023 was also on display prototype of a battery-powered pushable stump grinder.

Also, come and visit fair MAAMESSI in Estonia Tartu on April 18-20, where Aiatäht is once again exhibiting LASKI products. At the fair Maamess, you can see, for example: stump grinder F 360, remote-controlled wood chipper LS 160 Track on tracks, branch crusher LS 65, etc.  Information about Maamess expo 2024: HERE!

LASKI - reliable and well-proven technology choice on the market!