Hydraulic and powerful stump cutter LASKI F 500H

This year's deal, next year's earnings ... In the last days of the year, LASKI stump cutter F 500H / 38 arrived from the factory to our selling salong Aiatäht. It is a powerful stump grinder with hydraulic control and operator "shield" for maximum work safety and fast work results. Come see the machine at the our salong (Tuleviku tee 10, Peetri) until this "good working animal" goes into his "new home" in the first days of the beginning of the year.

Max. diameter of the cutted stump is in fact unlimited! Double tires on the front wheels are optionally available for a variety of field or off-road conditions. The 890mm total width of the stump cutter machine itself also gives access to limited rooms and grat accessibility to tight places.

See for this model LASKI F 500H / 38 Specifications: HERE!

Happy and succsessful New Year 2020!
Get your green areas in order!