Puiduhakkur LASKI LS 160 P

Tootekood: LC-14000
UUS võimas bensiinimootoriga mobiilne puiduhakkur. 

The chipper LS 160 P is a compact machine intended for disposal of wood waste, twigs, bark, branch-wood and other above-ground biomass, for chipping of redundant timber such as sticks, deals, pickets etc. and also for manufacture of chips from aforesaid materials. It can dispose all these materials with diameters up to 160 mm. Its turnable upper frame part is equipped with a swivel base so that the loading chute is accessible from any side. The chipper is also equipped with two loading rolls hydraulically controlled and linked to an automatic system as overload protection of its combustion engine. Furthermore, standard equipment comprises also an hour counter (daily/total) and an air-cooled 26,5 HP Kohler petrol engine with injection.

For such a road train up to 3,5 t the driver should keep a driving licence at least of the group B.
Seadme hind: 16 960.- eur (+km)

Tehnilised üldandmed

3450 mm; (3120 mm - transport)
Laius 1590 mm
Kõrgus2500 mm ; (1920 mm - transport)
Kaal750 kg
Tootlikkus12 ÷16 m3/h
Max. puidu  diameeter160 mm


Diameeter600 mm
Terade arv2
Laastu pikkus5 - 15 mm


Sööteava suurus (B×H) 240 x 170 mm
Rullikute arv2


Pööramise võimalus360° - 12 positsiooni
Feeding profile(BxH)
1040 x 800 mm


Võimsus19,8 kW (26,5 hj)
Kütusbensiin 95
Kütusepaagi maht20 l
Kütuse kulu3,5 - 4 l/h