Oksapurustaja LASKI LS 95 ES, iseliikuv

Tootekood: LZ-1110
Chipper with travel drive for gardening.
This modification LS 95 ES provides good maneuverability even without switching its electric travel gear. Having turned the travel drive on, you can very easy move the machine to another workplace also on uneven ground. The chipper LS 95 ES can be characterized by high power output and simple design. It is powered by the Kohler engine. Transmission of power from the engine to the chipping device is based on V-belt gearing. This chipper is equipped with two cutting blades and one fixed counter blade. It is very easy to check or to replace the blades: just after swinging the loading chute away. Loading of materials to be chipped between the loading rolls is realised by gravity only, i.e. there is no other mechanism required. Ergonomic controls and larger travelling wheels make any machine handling very easy. No problem to move the machine on uneven ground or to go over curbstones.

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Seadme hind: 6 183.- eur (+km)

Üldised tehnilised andmed

Pikkus1530 mm
Laius790 mm
Kõrgus1550 mm
Kaal222 kg
Tootlikkus1,6 - 2,8 m3/h
Max. oksa diameeter80 mm


Diameeter355 mm
Terade arv2
Laastu pikkus4 - 6 mm

Sööte kolu

Sööte profiil640 x 620 mm


MudelKOHLER CH 440
Võimsus10 kW (14 hj) @ 3600 rpm
KütusNatural 95
Kütuse paagi maht7,3 l
Kütuse kulu1,8 l/h